What is the brief for?

The brief area is to write down and log important information about the project, essentially the deliverables which have been specified in a quotation and agreed with the client.


When you first create a project the brief is pre-filled with some general sections which you can edit or delete.

  • Overview
  • Scope of work
  • Target market
  • Areas of interest
  • Inspiration / other references

The brief is split into sections so you can group pieces of information together and attached to them to keep everything nice and organised.

Each section has basic text editing such as bullet points, tables, bold, italic and paragraphs. It also lets you add links, add and inset images and videos and also attach and upload files.


If the brief changes during the project you can save it as another version, this creates an audit trail of changes you can refer back to later.

See these help files for more info:

Editing the brief Attaching files Adding videos Inserting / editing images, | Versions.