What is POPS?

POPS is an on-line collaboration tool for the 3D visualisation community.


It lets you organise all your project information in one place, then assign team members and introduce clients when required so all the stake holders know whats going on.

Upload work and review with your team and clients in one place. Add images then draw on top of them, comment, react and attach files.

All projects are owned by parent organisations, which eventually gives you a growing database of contact information, files, workflows and other data to make your life much easier.


Currently you can;


  • Create projects.
  • Schedule projects and monitor % complete.
  • Fill out detailed project briefs.
  • Assign teams.
  • Upload and share files.
  • Chat with project team members.
  • Review work and comment on images.


Eventually you will be able to;


  • Create workflows to ensure production consistency.
  • Compile how you do things into a knowledge base.