Inviting someone to a project team

If you are inviting a person to work with you on a single project, i.e they are not from your organisation [Like a freelancer], there are 2 ways to add them;

  1. Search for a person who already has a POPS account.
  2. Invite someone who doesn’t have a POPS account.

Both methods follow the same path;

On the teams tab click the “Edit team” button, then click the “Non organisation members” tab.


Start to type their first name or email address. If they have an account you can select it from the list and add them to the team.

If they dont have an account an invite form will appear.


Fill this in and they will receive an e-mail invite which contains a link to direct them through setting up an account.

Once they have created an account using the e-mail they were invited with, they will see the project you invited them to and receive notifications.